Friday, May 18, 2007

Looking Back and Thinking Beyond

Lying down alone
Resonating in my mind
Are the echoes of the times gone.
I lay awake staring at the ceiling
With more than just a nostalgic feeling.
I leave this place and its people here
With their memories held so dear.
And I move on
Looking back and thinking beyond…

The failures that pained
The lessons that were gained.
The smiles that worked
The words that hurt.
The pain of parting
The joy of a new starting.
With a strange emptiness within
I look back and think beyond…

The curtain falls again
Its time for another change…

These four years in college apparently might have passed in a wink of an eye, but I lived a new life each passing day. A life full of new dreams, new zeal, new fervor, new anxiety and a whole new strength. Midnight birthday parties, lectures and bunks, fashion shows and fests, trips and tour de force, parties and pangas….. lingering memories.
The first firsts, felicitations, fiesta, fantasies, frustrations, fallacies, failures, fiascoes, feelings, friends, foes and farewell……. I have come a long way.

Leaving you with pictures worth a thousand stories. Absolutely crazy hostel days, pajama parties et al! Will miss all the people who made my college life really memorable. Thanks to my dearest pals who still continue to walk with me :D. For the ones who left… m glad you did!! (muhahahahaha)

Four years rigorous imprisonment ends!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Driving My Life

Drive your life..
Don't wait for things to happen.
Make them happen through initiatives..
Do well in any situation.
Realistically depend to an independent orientation

After over a month's roller coaster ride, peaceful and placid waters lie before me.Having experienced an emotional turmoil coming in from both personal and professional quarters, the answer to " What Next?", is more vivid now.
MBA : An unrealised dream, passion or obsession. What ever be it, the dream's still there, just that I 've decided to take a detour now. A man's not finished when he's defeated , he is finished when he quits. And I ain't a quitter. The watchwords for me : optimism, action, perseverance, courage and conviction. Impossible n'est pas francais.... provided you are determined enough. One doesn't stand out of the crowd by doing the extraordinary, but by doing the ordinary with extra ordinary zeal, enthusiasm and conviction. And wont let my enthu fizzle out. Success is quasi - essential, I believe the voyage to your dreams teachth you a lot. A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. So I move on..

Well, "what next?"...... hmmm.... work with Tech Mahindra( unless I get a better deal lol!).
Riyaaz : Our college's first ever tech fest ( will be writing an exclusive post soon), whose astounding success came as a surprise not only to the students and management but to us, the organisers, as well. Believe you me, it was one heck of a learning experience! Nonetheless, absolute fun. From organising to compering to dancing to student achievement award. Did it all and did it in style! :D lol

Personally, continued to make new friends, even as i found it hard to avoid a recent fall out with a very close friend. Learning my lessons of getting less "involved".
How i wish life could be lived in rewind and erase mode. But it ain't that ways. It can only be understood backwards but got to be lived forwards.
And I move on... Leaving behind places, people and peers, carrying along the ones that matter and a zillion memories of the good and the bad times.. Evolving every time...

Life goes on... Its about taking control of your actions and thoughts. Taking it head on! Its abour being a fighter, a fighter for life!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Buddha got enlightened under the bodh tree and me .. at oven fresh! lolz ;)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me and Me ;)

A zillion people have told me that kirti n i look alike.. trust me i never believed em until i saw this pic taken this weekend! gawd we are TOO SIMILAR! lol

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Making a Difference

Ever tried a frappe at barista, grilled sandwitch at oven fresh , maybe a smoked chicken sandwitch at subway...... or ever noticed the not so lucky urchins u see around these places.wat they eat, where do they sleep or for that matter how do they ever make a living??
The true essence of life does not lie in flaunting the biggest cars or hanging out in the elitest of restaurents... but much beyond that. As priviledged human beings, its our moral responsibility to help the lesser mortals. Mother Teresa once said... we ourselves feel that wat we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. I do not agree with the big way of doing things...
each one of us possesses the power to change the lives of these under priviledged souls around us . with this very thought of makin a difference WE the youth of chd have volunteered help the children residing in the slums of sec 25, chd. The WE VoLUNTEER group accomplished its first mission in Pustak school sec 25 chd. nearly fifteen of us visited this school and interacted with the children there aged between three to fifteen. the yonger ones where taught painting and hat making which they enjoyed thoroughly. While the older ones drew their dreams on paper and the best ones where awarded!
We were touched by the love and affection they showed towards us and this very love will keep us comin back to them again n again. Well the next event is scheduled for the 26th of january...
for more details check out...
Leaving u with some pics from our first visit :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coming back to life

When you least expect slaps you with a challange to test your courage,will and strength to change , adapt,accept,give in or just give the situation...No one is a born winner...we win some and lose many battles in life....n i too lost one such battle in my results are my shock n dismay i didn't make it...To make it even worse i ws awarded a negative in english!!!!!!!!!!

Certain things in life r just too hard to believe especially when i was certain in makin it into r nations biggies"!

Without makin it sound rhetoric it has made me a near nervous wreck. When things r so near...everythings so right....preperations...paper...when ur almost there....its ALL GONE !
Being back stabbed in the hands of destiny...ironical huh!
Pretty lame on my part to say...that's life! because if it is its just too unfair!
But then, got a focus on the 2 existances of present and future and not be caught up in the ashes of my dreams!...I'm trying to start anew...initiate a new struggloe and to fight again...Surviving the vagaries of life..its hardships and difficulties...stormy ups and downs is what produces a person of strong character...This night i know is too dark and long, but then i'll wait for that beautiful morning that'll bring back my lost smile....until then i'll fight! and fight again!
Because there aint no mountain high enuf..aint no valley low...

It's a new beginning from the end ...

AD-SUMMUM RESURAM ( To the highest point i'll rise)

P.S.- Anybody willing to tute me for english ;) ???!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


CAT this year was a real shocker... the results gonna be ..well.. dismal and abysmal..
so i ve started working on alternatives.. like considering other B schools.. or the job offers from tech mahindra and convergys img.. but can settle down on any one of them..
HENCE, i came up with this... :D

I'm in the army now.. lol

PS: by the way thats a rocket launcher in the pic ;)